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ACT NO. (32) FOR THE YEAR 1973

An association of specialization was founded in the jordan medical association called the jordan orthopedics association j.o.a., which head office is situated at the jordan medical association amman jerusalem; noting that branches for the association are allowed to be established if deemed necessary.


    1. Uplift and develop scientific and practical level of the orthopedic surgeons by adopting accepted means so as to achieve such purpose, in wit: seminars, lectures, scientific research, exchange experience and information with equivalent arab and international scientific associations.
    2. Support the scientific activities of the medical association council, participate in the same, and cooperate with the scientific committees and the committees of various specializations.
    3. Work on setting up a special section for orthopedics, joints surgery and accidents at the medical association library.
  • Develop and strengthen teamwork spirit and cooperation among the personnel of the association, and to find them the best conditions to serve their patients properly.
  • Work on protecting the interests of the members of the association.
  • SOCIAL PURPOSES: develop social relations among the members of the associations.


He who meets the following conditions is approved to join the joa:-
  1. To be registered in the jordan medical association as a specialist of orthopedics.
  2. To submit membership petition in a special form to the administrative board that study the petition and takes decisions accordingly within one month as from the date of submitting the petition. Concerning that, it is stipulated to provide recommendations of two members of the association upon submitting the petition of the nominee.
  3. In case of obtaining the approval of the membership and after paying the prescribed fees, the applicant will be granted a card and a membership certificate attested by the chief of the association and physicians syndicate.

The general board is entitled to grant the honorary membership to whom it deems eligible depending on the administrative board recommendation provided that the honorary member is not authorized to take part in voting.

  1. In case of resignation or death.
  2. If the member fails to pay the annual subscription for one year after the due date and after being noticed of the delay by the administrative board in writing.
  3. The member is fired as per a recommendation of the administrative board if he is discharged from the jordan medical association.
  4. The member is fired as per a recommendation of the administrative board by having two-thirds majority of the members, and the approval of the general board, if the member violates the provisions of this rules of procedures or if he takes any action that is considered by the administrative board to be incompatible with the aims of the association, provided that this decision shall be circulated over the members if deemed suitable.

  1. The general board consists of all working members in the association.
  2. The general board holds annual regular meeting on october to consider the agenda prepared by the administrative board.
  3. It is possible that the general board holds unusual sessions according to the invitation of the administrative board or upon a petition submitted by a quarter of the administrative board members in order to consider any urgent matters, provided that the conference is held within one month from the date of the petition.
  4. The general boards meetings shall be held in presence of the majority of the members who pay their financial obligations; yet, if such percentage was not available in the first meeting, the invitations are to be renewed for another meeting held within two weeks as from the date of the first meeting. Noting that this meeting is considered a legal meeting regardless the number of the attendants.
  5. The annual agenda shall include the following:-
    • discussing the report of the secretary and the activities of the association.
    • Reviewing the budget and the state of the coming annual budget.
    • elect new administrative board every two years.
    • Any other matters.

The administrative board is consisted of a chairman and six members elected by a secret ballot in usual session of the general board by the relative majority. The administrative board shall hold a conference immediately after being elected to elect a vice-chairman, secretary and a treasurer from its members, concerning that the election of the chairman and the members shall be in one document.
  1. It is not allowed for the same chairman to be elected for more than two consecutive terms.
  2. The duration of the presidency is two years and the duration of the membership is two years as well.
  3. The nominee of the position of the chairman shall be working in jordan for at least eight years before the date of being elected in the field of orthopedics after obtaining the certificate or the title of a specialist by the jordan association.
  4. The nominee for the administrative board membership shall be working in jordan for at least five years in the field of orthopedics after obtaining the title.
  5. If any member of the administrative board fails to appear in three successive sessions without providing an acceptable excuse, he is considered objector and so the administrative board has the right to invite who won the majority votes of the alternate members to replace him after informing him in writing. If more than half of the members of the administrative board resign, the general board is to be called to perform elections for new members to replace those who resigned from the administrative board.

  1. Admission fees are (25) jordanian dinars for the working member.
  2. Annual subscription fees (15) jordanian dinars for the working member.
  3. Donations, gifts and aids.
  4. The funds of the association shall be deposited in a bank accredited by the administrative board, and shall be withdrawn as per the signature if the chairman and the treasurer who is entitled to keep amount of jd (100) to be used in emergency cases.
  5. The annual budget shall be provided to the general board in its annual conference.
  6. The general board is entitled to amend admission and subscription fees if deemed suitable.

  1. The medical association law and regulations emerged accordingly are to be considered and referred to if no related text is stipulated in this rules of procedures, hence the decision of the medical association council shall be considered final.
  2. This system is to be amended in usual or urgent session for the general board, hold upon the request of the administrative board or at least a quarter of the general board members, provided that the amendments shall be done by the majority of the two thirds of the attendants and the approval of the associations council.
  3. The association is dissolved upon a decision taken by the two thirds of its registered members; by then, its transferable and nontransferable assets shall be transferred to the jordan medical association.

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